drivin’ back to Sask (not Saskatoon)

I’m on my way back to Saskatchewan again.  This trip, I’ll stay at a hot springs hotel & spa called Temple Garden in … you’ll never guess … Moose Jaw, SK!  Sound fun?  Dang rights!  Floyd suggested that, when I go back again to pick him up after seeing his family members and visiting with his sister, I should stop off for one night at Temple Garden.  It’s a hot spring of some kind.  So that’s where I’m headed.

On the way there, when the rain storm clouds began to dissipate, I could see an eerie orange building on the horizon, way out there.  As I drew closer,

…it turned out to be a large elevator, not alien construction of a space / time portal hidden in plain sight, as one would naturally presumed.  (Unless aliens are running the wheat industry now…)  It in fact is just painted, presumably, their corporate colours.

I also found a nice house to buy, central to everything, near a restaurant (at which I have eaten once several years ago).

A fixer-upper.  I’m good at that.

They also have a casino – the hotel, not the wooden house  above – but I likely won’t darken their doors.  Not my thing.  I prefer expected, predicable value for my money.

More when I get there.

(BTW – for those of you not from Western Canada, Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon by The Guess Who)

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