target practise with Glenn’s pellet rifle

Long ago, when Glenn was alive, I offered to buy his pellet rifle from him.  It was used, but I made him a pretty good offer.  He said ‘no’.

Fast forward many years.  Glenn has been gone for many years now.  I have inherited his pellet rifle.  …  Maybe this is why he said ‘no’ – he knew it was a piece of crap.

I printed out a bullseye target and shot at it inside the garage.  I followed various instructions found online.

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oscillator quit

So FT and I were cutting drywall around the new window hole to add a full sheet of drywall (gypsum wall board, or “Gyprock” to some) when the oscillator quit.  Well it didn’t quit exactly, but the variable speed wouldn’t work – it’s either on or off and no where in between.  Luckily the label says MasterCraft on it, so we went to Canadian Tire (Ukrainian Wheel as FT says) and exchanged it for a new one.

And then it got it just as dusty and beat-up looking as the old oscillator.

More later – It’s tired, and I’m late.  Or vice versa.