early wake up call

This morning at 4:34am, after a night of trying to sleep and waking up from dreams repeatedly, I was wired awake by a noise that got louder and louder.  It was a dragging noise, I thought, like someone dragging a large machine along the pavement with a tow vehicle.  Then came the smell, a strong burning rubber smell.  I pulled open my blind and looked outside to see a vehicle turning left at the intersection outside my window.  It was still dark outside, so I couldn’t make out what kind of vehicle it was.

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Frigidaire freezerless fridge

Our new refrigerator came yesterday.

Floyd has a hard time stooping over to see what is crammed into the back, stuffed into a corner, or relegated to the bottom of the old fridge.  He can’t get down on his knees to see under the freezer level.  Food that gets forgotten gets rotten.  But all the freezerless fridges out there are right-hand swing (hinges on the right) and does not fit out kitchen.  This Frigidaire was the first and only all-fridge model that had a reversible door that wasn’t six thousand dollars.  So, after a few years of looking and thinking and comparing, I found this fridge at Home Depot.

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Glenn’s birthday

Aizlynn called me, thinking of Glenn’s birthday.

We talked for a bit about dentistry (root canals, extracted teeth, and implants), Glenn (his life, his death, and things between), and pierogies (in England, they don’t have pierogies, but the closest thing they have is filled with strawberry!).

Glenn has been gone 10 years.

tooth extraction done

Okay, so there was no pain.  But…

It took Dr. Strong considerably longer than expected to get this tooth out.  It fractured into pieces when the crown was removed, and two roots had to be cut from each other to dig them out.  The ventral root had a bulbous shape on the end of it, and it was hanging on!  Finally, it all came out, and two dissolving sutures were put in, and the whole thing was packed in gauze.

On the way out, I said to the receptionist, “I hope Dr. Strong recovers well from this.”  She laughed.


The freezing is coming out, and I still taste blood.  It’ll take some time to heal.

tooth extraction

Today is the day I get my tooth (3-6) extracted. I’ve been on antibiotics for about 5 days. Hopefully the infection has subsided. If it hasn’t, the anesthetic won’t be as effective.

I walked in from the street last week complaining about the pain. They did some imaging and found infection in the roots and the jaw bone. Their records showed that 3 different attempts were made to save the tooth.  But the tooth is finished!

I wonder how much pain there will be.


I was going to put “new flooring” as a heading and realized that the flooring I’m using at home is not new.  It’s rejected pieces from 520.  They just need to be scraped and scrubbed clean of debris to stick to the floor.

We had a sewer backup.  It seeped into the bathroom and entrance flooring layers that were put down over time.  It all had to be taken up.  There was wood laminate with foam cushion, then linoleum, then more linoleum.  Out it came.

That was about 1.5 years ago.  Yes, it’s taken a long time!  I’ve been busy.