FT’s road trip, house #2, new fridge

FT is on the road again, on a trek to Saskatchewan with TF.  So I’m on my own now for two weeks.  Nothing wrong with two old guys rattling across the prairies in a Pontiac.  They went last year, making this a now annual event.

This leads me to my next topic – travel.  I haven’t gone anywhere this year.  I’ve been working on the rental properties and the teardrop trailer, working only half days the past few weeks because of the heat.  Since Floyd’s leg started acting up, I’ve decided to take it easi(er).

The plumbing for the rear suite (formally called the garage) at house #2 is now complete.  It passed inspection just yesterday.  It is still a garage for now as there is still a bay door in it.  But that will soon disappear.  Next task: framing interior walls.

On my way back from trying to pay the Gutter Shop for work to be done at house #2 (turns out they closed down their storefronts, and Google hasn’t caught up to it), I stopped at Starbucks for a cup.  Nice day for a coffee in a shady outdoor area.

I bought a new fridge a week ago, and it finally arrived yesterday.  It’s a Whirlpool 18 cu. ft. freezerless fridge.  The problem is, it has to go back.  The fridge door is not reversible!  I haven’t seen a fridge with no reversible door for ages.  So I called, and they’re sending someone in the next few days to bring it back.  So I ask you, why would they make a fridge that 50% of the population cannot use?

Their explanation is that it is stainless steel.  …  What?  What the heck does that have to do with it?  I thought and have come to the assumption that people who want stainless steel fronts do not want extra holes with plugs in them.  There aren’t many fridges out there without freezers, so pickings are slim.  In the mean time, FT has opted for a normal fridge with freezer at the bottom.

router number nine

An upgrade to the ‘allansplace’ network has happened (finally).  The old router, a D-Link DIR-815, has been replaced by a new one, a Netgear AX1800.  Why the change?  The DIR-815 has been running for several years and so far hasn’t failed, but the wireless signal has dropped in power, and sometimes the SSID has disappeared completely.  So, if you notice a faster connection, this is likely the cause.

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van floor liner

I’m tired of vacuuming the van.  It has a carpeted floor in the back, and it continually gets dirty.  So I bought a 4×8 sheet of hardboard.  I painted it with a grey floor paint with anti-skid substance added to it to stop the tools from sliding everywhere.  I wonder how long it will last.

hardboard floor for van 20220419_165935.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200715.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200752.jpg

new house

So I’ve purchased another rental house (house #2).  It’s an oldie, like house #1.  It was built in 1911 and is pretty much in original shape aside from some add-ons.  It’s a tall, wooden, 3 bedroom house with a garage in the back.  It even comes with a tenant.  More later on the projects site (look for house ‘520’ category on the right).

rental house 1403

First day of ownership on the new rental house.

It’s a house built in 1906 built on a 65-foot-wide lot.  It has one 3-bedroom suite on the main floor and a 1-bedroom suite on the 2nd.  It is currently empty and in need of renovations.