Bird electric scooter

It seems we have a new rental electric scooter company in town.  Anybody hear of Bird?

The last company, Neuron, had bright orange scooters – rattly things that were like a tank version of a scooter.  (I’ve never actually rented one, but I heard others talk about them.)

Now we have Birds.


While whizzing along on my scooter, something caught my eye.  It was a bird on a light standard.  It was hard to make out detail way up there, looking against the sky, but Floyd later identified it from pictures as a hawk.

This was right on the edge of the coulee, so (s)he was most likely waiting for lunch.

arrived at Moose Jaw

I had to help a student (unscheduled, without pay, I might add!), create homework for another, post tutoring session records online, and pay bills (online) before I could leave.  I finally left Lethbridge about 12:30pm.

Moose Jaw seems like a nice place.  It’s a small city of just under 34,000 (4th largest in SK).  After putting my bags in the hotel, I wandered the streets looking for a) some food and b) a beer.

Here are some pics.

 5/10/2024  8:22 PM       823430 AB, SK 20240508_191434 streets and buildings, Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
 5/10/2024  8:23 PM       692768 AB, SK 20240508_192112 streets and buildings, Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
 5/10/2024  8:23 PM      1002959 AB, SK 20240508_192114 liquor store, Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
 5/10/2024  8:23 PM       776188 AB, SK 20240508_192122 streets and buildings, Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
  5/8/2024  7:21 PM      4496314 AB, SK 20240508_192153 Victory Church (no perfect people), Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
 5/10/2024  8:24 PM      1642716 AB, SK 20240508_192406 streets and buildings, Moose Jaw, SK.jpg
  5/8/2024  7:26 PM      3357405 AB, SK 20240508_192656 Temple Garden Hotel & Spa.jpg
  5/8/2024  7:30 PM      2911284 AB, SK 20240508_193046 Pile O' Bones Space Cadet IPA.jpg

I went to the hot spring pool area sometime after 8pm with a few hours to spare (closed at 11pm).  I wish I had my camera then.  The sky was cloudy, and the weather cool (maybe 10°C), but it had stopped raining.  There were mostly seniors and Natives there.  The water and scenery was really nice.  A woman there was reading a book.  I decided to go get mine in my room, providing a cool-down break from the hot water.

drivin’ back to Sask (not Saskatoon)

I’m on my way back to Saskatchewan again.  This trip, I’ll stay at a hot springs hotel & spa called Temple Garden in … you’ll never guess … Moose Jaw, SK!  Sound fun?  Dang rights!  Floyd suggested that, when I go back again to pick him up after seeing his family members and visiting with his sister, I should stop off for one night at Temple Garden.  It’s a hot spring of some kind.  So that’s where I’m headed.

On the way there, when the rain storm clouds began to dissipate, I could see an eerie orange building on the horizon, way out there.  As I drew closer,

…it turned out to be a large elevator, not alien construction of a space / time portal hidden in plain sight, as one would naturally presumed.  (Unless aliens are running the wheat industry now…)  It in fact is just painted, presumably, their corporate colours.

I also found a nice house to buy, central to everything, near a restaurant (at which I have eaten once several years ago).

A fixer-upper.  I’m good at that.

They also have a casino – the hotel, not the wooden house  above – but I likely won’t darken their doors.  Not my thing.  I prefer expected, predicable value for my money.

More when I get there.

(BTW – for those of you not from Western Canada, Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon by The Guess Who)

AB, SK 2024

We left May 2, 2024, and I got back yesterday, May 3.

I delivered Floyd to his sister’s in Alameda, SK, for a wedding.  Floyd drove half-way, and I drove the rest.  Problem is, we left shortly after 9am and, thanks to me searching for a Shell station to get a discount, Google maps, and Saskatchewan highway planners, we ended up going off-course a considerable amount.

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activities, Starbucks music

Been busy the past few days.  I installed some deadbolts in the rear of a rental property, cleaned out part of the garage, completed my taxes, blew out all the leaves from the red shale rock on the East side of the house, and attended a pot-luck supper at the community centre.

Boy, the music at Starbucks sucks.  There was some opera tenor bellowing away like a sick cow in the previous song, and now we have show tunes.  Should a person run the risk of sounding like a complainer, put up with it, or leave?

I left.

death & mayhem and other ponderances

As you might know, I keep comics that somehow seem … important.  Here are some of my favourites.

I hear you, man.  Lay off the stink!  I buy unscented laundry detergent (’cause the stink is so overpowering and gives me a headache), unscented deodourant (’cause I don’t want to stink), and unscented soap.  I also don’t buy amaretto hazelnut toffee vanilla spice ground coffee beans with oregano, chives, kale, and chicory.  I buy coffee-flavoured coffee.

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MPE Link Pathway

Apparently we Southern Albertans are getting another bike path, called MPE Link Pathway.  Did you know about this?  I just read about it in the Feb. 13 2024 Lethbridge Herald.  Yes, I know, I’m a bit behind.  I have a stack of newspapers to get through.  But this is one of the more interesting articles.  I wonder if any of it is complete yet.  See map.

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