activities, Starbucks music

Been busy the past few days.  I installed some deadbolts in the rear of a rental property, cleaned out part of the garage, completed my taxes, blew out all the leaves from the red shale rock on the East side of the house, and attended a pot-luck supper at the community centre.

Boy, the music at Starbucks sucks.  There was some opera tenor bellowing away like a sick cow in the previous song, and now we have show tunes.  Should a person run the risk of sounding like a complainer, put up with it, or leave?

I left.

Happy Leap Year… Day!

Happy Leap Day!

Today is February 29, 2024.  To celebrate the Leap Day, I’m at Starbucks downing an Americano and completing my tutoring logs.  Okay, so it isn’t much of a celebration, but it’s nice to get out now and then.

spring 2023

Spring has sprung.

The deer are eating the tulips for the third year in a row.  So this year, before planting a bunch of new bulbs, Floyd and I put up a 6-foot (2m) fence of plastic bird netting.  I found some long 1x2s in the garage, pulled the nails out, sharpened the ends with Father’s band saw, and hammered them into the ground.  Unfortunately, nightfall had already begun.  (I wonder what passers-by would think.)

I went to Peavey Mart to get some gardening supplies.  While looking around, I was surprised to see a cat just laying about.   Was he protecting the store from mice?  After all, he was sitting on a stack of feed, likely a mouse’s dream come true (except for the cat).

Along with spring comes spring cleaning.  I’ve finally phased out the old computer and brought in the new.  Along with that is also an old sound system I have had for about 15 years, replaced with a very small sound bar.

rental house 1403

First day of ownership on the new rental house.

It’s a house built in 1906 built on a 65-foot-wide lot.  It has one 3-bedroom suite on the main floor and a 1-bedroom suite on the 2nd.  It is currently empty and in need of renovations.

happy birthday to me

It’s a dull, wet day outside.  I’m at home alone as FT. is gone to Saskatchewan on a road trip with a friend.  So far, the only person to send me birthday greetings is my cousin, SM. Thanks, cousin.

I’m off to a dollar store to buy some forks for work.  There seems to be a shortage of them.  “What did you do on your birthday?”  “I bought some forks.”