freshly ground coffee

Okay, so there’s nothing really interesting to say about this. It’s just freshly ground coffee. But, to me, it’s a thing of beauty … in looks and smell!

getting ready for morning coffee


van floor liner

I’m tired of vacuuming the van.  It has a carpeted floor in the back, and it continually gets dirty.  So I bought a 4×8 sheet of hardboard.  I painted it with a grey floor paint with anti-skid substance added to it to stop the tools from sliding everywhere.  I wonder how long it will last.

hardboard floor for van 20220419_165935.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200715.jpg
hardboard floor for van 20220419_200752.jpg

new house

So I’ve purchased another rental house (house #2).  It’s an oldie, like house #1.  It was built in 1911 and is pretty much in original shape aside from some add-ons.  It’s a tall, wooden, 3 bedroom house with a garage in the back.  It even comes with a tenant.  More later on the projects site (look for house ‘520’ category on the right).

40°C, global heatwave

Pretty worrying.  The entire northern hemisphere on the glob is in a heatwave.  For the past few days, we’ve seen temperatures hovering around 40°C.  Lytton, BC, has stolen the North American “hot spot” from Nevada.  Lytton, unfortunately, is now gone.  The fire season has started already.  Fire ripped through the town, and 150 people evacuated.  No one injured, so they think.

not yet en route(r)

My new router, the DeWalt 611, is coming.  But when?  I ordered it on Amazon on Sept. 15, 2020, but it apparently still hasn’t left the gate yet – not yet en route.  (En router?  Get it?  Route(r)?)