dream 20231119

2023-11-19 dream

I was sleeping in the rear suite at 520, what Floyd and I have been working on, and woke up to find the shed was moving down the alley by itself.  I soon realized that the wind likely couldn’t do that, so it had to be pulled by a truck. 

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oscillator quit

So FT and I were cutting drywall around the new window hole to add a full sheet of drywall (gypsum wall board, or “Gyprock” to some) when the oscillator quit.  Well it didn’t quit exactly, but the variable speed wouldn’t work – it’s either on or off and no where in between.  Luckily the label says MasterCraft on it, so we went to Canadian Tire (Ukrainian Wheel as FT says) and exchanged it for a new one.

And then it got it just as dusty and beat-up looking as the old oscillator.

More later – It’s tired, and I’m late.  Or vice versa.

meatloaf muffins

This just an experiment.  I made meatloaf muffins!

It’s a mixture of ground beef and turkey along with finely chopped vegetables.  It turned out well but maybe a little too well done.

Bennu on Earth

NASA is at it again, bringing back rocks from space, trying to figure out where we (and Earth) all came from.  About a cup landed via parachute in the desert in the US.  They also say there’s a 1/2700 chance that we’d get hit by this half-kilometre rock sometime in 2182.  When I say “we”, that doesn’t include you or me.

By that time we’ll have lasers and space-flying cars and death-ray pistols to help us out, I think.  Or not.