Frigidaire freezerless fridge

Our new refrigerator came yesterday.

Floyd has a hard time stooping over to see what is crammed into the back, stuffed into a corner, or relegated to the bottom of the old fridge.  He can’t get down on his knees to see under the freezer level.  Food that gets forgotten gets rotten.  But all the freezerless fridges out there are right-hand swing (hinges on the right) and does not fit out kitchen.  This Frigidaire was the first and only all-fridge model that had a reversible door that wasn’t six thousand dollars.  So, after a few years of looking and thinking and comparing, I found this fridge at Home Depot.

Floyd and I reversed the door.  This was more complicated than I was hoping but not too overly complicated.  The surprising part was, when the top hinge was taken off and the door pulled up and out, that there was a cord inside the hinge!  “What the devil is going on?” I said to Floyd.  I thought maybe some of that blue packing tape was still stuck somewhere.  No, it was a cord.  The instructions are kind of wordy, but we succeeded.  Yay!

We slid it into its hole and waited.  I cleaned up the kitchen, tutored a student, watched Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune (as is customary most evenings), and waited for the 4-6 hours that the delivery person suggested.

Speaking of delivery, see if this makes any sense to you.  (Comment if you like.)  I heard a rumbling of a truck outside.  I went out and saw the delivery guys there.  One smart-ass left a door tag on the doorknob and was about to drive away.  He said he tried phoning twice.  I asked, “Did you ring the doorbell?”  “No.”  “Did you leave a message on my phone?”  “No.”  Well what the hell kind of delivery person doesn’t ring the doorbell?  Jackass.

I had to move the switch for the pantry light wiring.

Back to the fridge.  At about 10:00pm, we plugged it in.  Woo-hoo!  I couldn’t sleep without working on this, so I transferred all the food from the black (another Frigidaire) and white (GE) fridges to the new one.  Surprisingly, everything fit.

The only issue with the new fridge is that there is so much space between shelves.  So I bought two extra shelves from  (I hope they are reliable.)

Now we have these two fridges.  Sell them?

GE white refrigerator model CTS18HBSARWW – $200
Frigidaire black refrigerator model FFHT1826LB2 – $250

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