reprieve in the long hours

After finishing college and taking a couple stabs at finding my ‘ideal’ workplace, which took a year and a half, I think I found a place I belong, at least for now, at CE.  (Or, rather, T found it for me on Kijiji and emailed it to me.)  I’ve been working since late Nov. 2019, learning as I go.

I was on the phone with a software technician for more than an hour yesterday trying to diagnose 1) why Cabinet Vision keeps crashing (an average of five times per day), 2) why parts of my work keep disappearing as I try to implement dynamic sketches vs. static ones, and 3) what tools I can use to do what I want to do (automate various parts of my work).

While at work, I rarely stand or sit less than 10 feet apart from anyone else.  Yesterday I was alone in my office the entire day as the others were out of town on a job – which brings me to a peeve I have – the idea of “social distancing”.  I saw on the Alberta Health Services website that they’re using “physical distancing” instead, something that I think should be adopted by all.  We are not trying to socially distance ourselves, people.  In fact, everyone is saying we have to connect socially to keep us from going nuts.  It should be called “social connecting” and “physical distancing” since it’s the physical separation that will keep us healthy and the social connections that will tie our various communities together.

For many, this COVID-19 virus going around has stopped them from going to work.  They must spend a lot of time on the internet.  They can’t very well spend their spare time window shopping as non-essential services are closed.  I hear on CBC radio every morning that people are spending their time making videos that mimic online or TV shows, cooking, blogging … hmm.

I haven’t blogged for a while – few and far between are my entries.  Why?  I’ve been working, occasionally overtime, and tutoring in the evenings.  I only take Friday after work (which finishes at 4pm) until Saturday evening off.  Tutoring now takes place online, for better or worse.  I leave for work at 7am and get finished at 8pm.  I used to, way back in the day (6 weeks ago) drive to students’ houses, which meant I’d be home by 8:30pm.  Long day.  Tutoring from home doesn’t seem to make the day any less long.  But I enjoy working, keeping productive, and making money.  Mom says I should not work so many hours – this coming from someone who is perpetually tired – but, if it’s not due to a health condition, I think being tired at the end of the day is a good feeling.

I hope you all are well.  I hope you’re not too lonely or isolated.  I hope you are physically healthy.  I hope we can meet in person again soon.  (I hope someone out there is reading my ongoing letter.)

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