cytokine … for better or worse

My sister called me today – at work.  She wanted to know how Mum was doing.  Paramedics had come by the house yesterday to test Mum for the COVID-19 virus.  The test wasn’t carried out because she was, according to other diagnostics, not infected.  Had she been, she’d cease to be, already weakened by cancer.

It got me to thinking about myself.  Being a little hypersensitive to lung ailments, my cyokine response would likely elevate through the roof, causing my white blood cell count to flood and begin the condition of pneumonia, by which my fate would not be decided favourably.  Holy crap.

At work, I have already been using more salbutamol sulphate and / or Ipratropium bromide to help with getting rid of my morning flood of goo, so likely people have wondered if I was infected.  If I were, I’m sure I’d show a lot more symptoms than coughing.  In fact, one guy at worked commented to others about another guy who had cold-like symptoms, wondering if he was actually a COVID-19-spreader.  The supposed sick guy wasn’t, but he was sufficiently annoyed by the rumour.

My sister asked me if there was any way of me working from home.  No, not really, according to my employer.  Besides, I don’t work with others much and am alone in the office most of the time.  Still, this global fear that is gripping us all is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and my potential cytokine response to anything out there worries me.

But I have to be thankful that I’ve always coughed.  Seriously.  I’m vigilant with clean air, cleaning out my lungs, and keeping the rest of me ‘well oiled’ and working, including sleep, diet, and … possibly most importantly … mentally balanced.

I hope you are all healthy, happy, and mentally balanced as well.

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