privacy policy needed, apparently

I was about to put another entry onto the ongoing letter.  I got a message from WordPress, the software that runs my ongoing letter, saying that I should probably have a ‘privacy policy’.

Personal Data and Privacy

Personal Data Export and Erasure

New Tools have been added to help you with personal data export and erasure requests.

Privacy Policy

Create or select your site’s privacy policy page under Settings > Privacy to keep your users informed and aware.

Bloody hell.  I clicked to view the next page.

Privacy Settings

Privacy Policy page

As a website owner, you may need to follow national or international privacy laws. For example, you may need to create and display a Privacy Policy. If you already have a Privacy Policy page, please select it below. If not, please create one.

The new page will include help and suggestions for your Privacy Policy. However, it is your responsibility to use those resources correctly, to provide the information that your Privacy Policy requires, and to keep that information current and accurate.

After your Privacy Policy page is set, we suggest that you edit it. We would also suggest reviewing your Privacy Policy from time to time, especially after installing or updating any themes or plugins. There may be changes or new suggested information for you to consider adding to your policy.

Edit or preview your Privacy Policy page content.

Need help putting together your new Privacy Policy page? Check out our guide for recommendations on what content to include, along with policies suggested by your plugins and theme.

Bloody hell again.

There is a boilerplate privacy policy created by WordPress.  I’m using that one.  Click here to see it.

If you read my ongoing letter, my server might record your computer’s IP address.  I have no idea if it does, and I don’t care if it does.  I used to muse at the countries all my visitors come from, but that was several servers ago.  I don’t really do that now.  If WordPress collects your IP address somehow … well, don’t get online.

If you don’t want your picture taken by random people, don’t go outside.  There are traffic cams and store cams and security companies and Big Brother and Google and probably even A&W tracking you.  If you don’t want Google to track your movements, don’t buy a phone.  I get free coffee by swiping a card.  I know and accept that they’re using my information for something.  I get free crap out of it.  It’s an exchange.

This is my personal stuff.  There is no company connected with my ongoing letter.  No one under me is effected because there is no one under me.  I’m it.  If you are logging in to a different site also run by me, like for tutoring, whatever information you give me or put into the website is used by the website somehow.  How?  Beats me.  I didn’t make Moodle, WordPress, Microsoft IIS, or anything else.  I install it because it’s free and works, and FrontPage (my previous website creator) is old and obsolete and no longer used.

I am not responsible for other people’s opinions – only my own.  If you are somehow affected by my words, I don’t suppose there is much I can do about it.  You’re you, and I’m me.  I’m not politically correct because I’m not a politician and don’t need to be.  Not even Donald Trump is politically correct.  I’m morally correct, legally correct, and many other forms of correct, but only because I choose to be, not you.  So, if you don’t like my opinion, go out for coffee with me so we can talk about it.  Other than that, bugger off.

So, that page is a boilerplate ‘privacy policy’.  It was not written by me.  It was created by WordPress.  But it probably fits.

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