cannabis legalization

Happy Cannabis Legalization Day, Glenn.

My brother, Glenn, had always been an advocate of this.  I really can’t say when he first started using it.  Near the end of his life, though, he quit for some reason.  He quit alcohol, too.  He continued to smoke cigarettes though.  Nonetheless, ‘pot’ had always been an important part of his life.

It’s hard to know what impact this will have on everyone out there.  I think there are more important concepts for newscasters to cover, but this is the big topic everyone is talking about.  Mom is no longer taking medical cannabis, but she still has a prescription for the next month or so.  No, she won’t start using it again.  She used it for 3 weeks.

I personally will continue to defend my right to clean air.  This basic right overrides any pot smoker’s rights.  If I have a glass of beer, the person next to me won’t get drunk.  It’s contained.  Pot smoke is not, not is cigarette smoke or diesel fumes or farts.  Some things we can’t help, some we can minimize, and some we have to regulate with laws.  The same with noise or light pollution – there are rules.

I was with MV, FM, & their two kids at Waterton, AB, a while back.  There was a guy smoking pot on the beach maybe 150m away from us.  I walked toward to guy and politely asked him to not smoke that here.  “I’m here with a family, with kids.  I don’t want that here.”  “Seriously?” he said aggressively.  “You want me to stop?”  “Yes.”  I stood there while he thought about what he was going to do.  He was twice my size, but right doesn’t care who says it.  Right is right.  That’s it.  There are kids here, and you’re not going to smoke it.  After a few minutes, he and his partner left.

Too bad you’re not around to enjoy this day, Glenn.

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