death & mayhem and other ponderances

As you might know, I keep comics that somehow seem … important.  Here are some of my favourites.

I hear you, man.  Lay off the stink!  I buy unscented laundry detergent (’cause the stink is so overpowering and gives me a headache), unscented deodourant (’cause I don’t want to stink), and unscented soap.  I also don’t buy amaretto hazelnut toffee vanilla spice ground coffee beans with oregano, chives, kale, and chicory.  I buy coffee-flavoured coffee.

Floyd & Mom used to watch Date Line, an investigative news program on TV.  It’s all about solving murders.  Now that Mom is gone, Floyd still watches it.

Aizlynn & Caleb took Porter Air from Toronto to Vancouver, a flight that took more than 5 hours and more than $500 a ticket, and there was no meal.  (Snacks extra.)

During construction and renovation of the rental houses, my receipts had been piling up.  I use … <ahem> … Microsoft Money (don’t laugh) for all of my finances.  I have been since the 1990s.  But the receipts piled up.  Remind me to never, ever get behind in finances, ever again.  It has taken me three months to update all my accounts (bank accounts (3), credit cards (I’m not telling how many), lines of credit (4), and cash).  All tallied up, it’s a whopping number.  Now I can do my taxes … for 2022.

Good point.  Annoying but smart little kid.  (But try not to turn into a feminist sexist when you grow up.)

And don’t get my started on Rogers / Shaw!  They sent us a $1500 cancellation fee!  I signed up with TekSavvy because their prices are almost half of Rogers.  Turns out, Floyd is locked into a 5-year term.  Read the find print, and don’t trust Rogers.

And, finally, I was on the phone with Microsoft tech support three days totaling about 4.5 hours trying to get my Windows 11 Pro license to work.  No, I don’t want to complete your survey.

But thanks for asking!

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