eclipse 2024

Today’s the big day – the eclipse.  It won’t be a total eclipse in Southern Alberta but just a partial one.

April 8, 2024 — Total Solar Eclipse — Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I made a box.  Yah!  Kindergarten project.  Ha!  Anyway, I took one picture using it out my office window.


Well one couldn’t really see anything eclipsey in terms of colouration of the surroundings, or crowds of people, or dimming of the daylight.  Nothing was really notable aside from various people talking about it.  It was a non-event here.

But I went to Henderson Lake by scooter, sat on a bench, read some, and peeked at the eclipse through five pair of sunglasses all taped together.  What I saw was really amazing.  Another pair of sunglasses would have been better – it was a little bright.  But the phone camera didn’t really see what I saw.  Here are some pics.

more solar eclipse 2024 pictures

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