unprepared for havoc

Okay, I admit it.  Havoc happened.  I went out to start the van this morning, and it wouldn’t start.  I forgot to plug it in.  So I plugged it in and waited.  Still, the engine spun around and around, but it didn’t fire up.  I used the little Noco Boost Plus battery booster, and it still just spun around but didn’t fire.

<sigh>  A mild inconvenience.

So I looked at the onboard trickle charger that is permanently hooked up to the battery.  It was not on!  What the hell?  The extension cord that plugs in the charger and block heater is not working.  I stuck some dielectric grease on the contacts and plugged it into another hole.  And now I have to wait again.

Now my morning coffee will turn into an afternoon decaf, if I can ever get the dang thing started.  It’s only coffee, after all.  So I admit it – havoc happened – but only in small portions (so far).

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