fever broke

I’ve been sick the past week or so – chills & sweats, fever (38.9°C / 102.0°F), extreme headaches (like 7/10), lots of sleep, coughing, burning chest, etc.  I must have sweated half a litre by now.

I did a COVID test.  It turned out to be negative.  (I’m not entirely sure if I did it right.)  I called Health Link (811).  They said go to the hospital – it might be pneumonia.  I went.  They said it wasn’t pneumonia but lung, nasal, & throat inflammation and a flu.  Yay.

The fever finally began to break yesterday evening.  I was down to 99.6°F / 37.6°C.  (I’m usually 36.5°C.)

Floyd was also ill – he got sick before me by about a day – but he’s not been as ill as me.  He sounded like he swallowed a gunny sack full of frogs for a few days.  Now he’s out and about, mostly better.  I’m still nursing myself at home.

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