dream 20231119

2023-11-19 dream

I was sleeping in the rear suite at 520, what Floyd and I have been working on, and woke up to find the shed was moving down the alley by itself.  I soon realized that the wind likely couldn’t do that, so it had to be pulled by a truck.  I rushed to get mostly dressed but couldn’t find socks or boots.  I put on my slippers – they wouldn’t go on right away, sticking to my feet without socks – tried to search for a light switch to see what I was doing.  There were too many switches, and they were confusing.  Finally I got some lights to work.  I went outside and realized that my van was not there.  I found Old Yellow, Mom’s 1978 Chevy half-ton truck but didn’t have keys.  I found the tracks in the snow to my shed and followed them out to the street where they disappeared into other tracks.  I thought I would go north as that is likely where my shed would be.  I called 911 on my phone, but the dispatcher didn’t know what she was doing and hesitated a lot.  I was put on hold, or she just didn’t answer.  I cussed into the phone.  I realized that the contents of the shed were all my things I’d been saving for years – keepsakes and machines and other things.  Then I woke up.

I just woke up from this dream.  Old Yellow hasn’t existed for years, perhaps even decades now.  The light switches in the suite are actually kind of confusing.  I don’t actually live there.  The shed isn’t next to the alley as in my dream – it is in the middle of the property.  There is nothing really in that shed except old wood Floyd and I have been saving.  And I always know where my socks are.

Old Yellow looked something like this.  Mom bought it in 1978 in Brandon, MB, from a young guy who needed the money and sold it in the early 1990s for $900 or $1000.

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