going to Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

Finally.  After years of wondering what the resort looked like, I’m here.  It was a long but enjoyable drive that started at 6:50am.  It was sunny for the first couple of hours, but then coming into the mountains it rained the whole time.  There was also a lot of road construction.  We sat stopped for 25 minutes at one point while a road crew repaired a bridge.  Nonetheless, the drive was really nice.

I finally got to the ferry terminal!  Yay!  But … there was a two-and-a-half sail waiting for the ferry to get across Kootenay lake near the end of the trip. \

During the wait, I talked with a guy taking his family on a camp trip with a trailer.  It was his first time on this ferry.  Suddenly my car alarm went off!  The horn blared across the parking lot and into the forest beyond.  I got hold of the fob to shut it up.  I asked the guy, “Uh … you didn’t hear that, did you?”  He just chuckled.

Three ajimas (Korean ladies) were looking at an information sign.  I came over to view the sign.  “Please…?” one of them said as she held out her phone / camera.  “Yes, sure.”  They all lined up for the shot.  I called out to them, “Hanna – dule – set -” (one – two – three) … click.  I gave the phone back to them.  “Hanna, dule, set?”  “한국어하세요?” (Do you speak Korean?)  “조금 어요…”  (A little.)  We had a brief conversation before I asked them, “이거 … 괜찮아?” (Is this okay?)  “아주 좋습니다. 감사합니다!” (It’s great!  Thank you!)  We bowed, and I left.

The sail was nice – cool and breezy and not much rain.  It lasted 40 minutes.


When I checked into the hotel, lots of people were waiting.  It was pouring rain.

More later!  I’m gone to soak.

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