inversion table

I finally bought a new inversion table to replace the one that Hanyoung stole in 2010.  Canadian Tire in Brooks, AB, was the closest store that had one.  I left work late in the evening with enough time to purchase it before CT closed.  It was a heavy brute.  What they lacked in quickness finding the product and bringing it out to me, the CT staff almost made up for by loading it into the van.

When home, I assembled part of it before making a bowl of noodles and finally falling asleep in the living room holding the bowl half-full of noodles.

The next day, the assembly continued.

It wasn’t hard.  The instructions were very precise and thorough (and wordy).  Finally, it was time to use it.  Finally, some back pain relief.

I’ll let you know how useful it is.

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