router number nine

An upgrade to the ‘allansplace’ network has happened (finally).  The old router, a D-Link DIR-815, has been replaced by a new one, a Netgear AX1800.  Why the change?  The DIR-815 has been running for several years and so far hasn’t failed, but the wireless signal has dropped in power, and sometimes the SSID has disappeared completely.  So, if you notice a faster connection, this is likely the cause. Yes, I number my routers.  This one is number 9.  Here’s a list of all the routers that have been, since the dawn of time.

allansplace – LinkSys WRT54G wireless router (held together with duct tape and coat hangers)
allansplace2 – LG 4-port switch (dead)
allansplace3 – ZIO wireless router (only 10/100 mbps)
allansplace4 – LanStar LTS-T8 8-port switch (only 10/100 mbps)
allansplace5 – Netgear RangeMax Duo Wireless N Router WNDR3300 (dead)
allansplace6 – Netgear white wireless router (sold)
allansplace7 – DLink DIR-815 wireless router (decommissioned)
allansplace8 – Belkin Surf N300 wireless router (backup)
allansplace9 – Netgear AX1800 wireless router

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