made in China

I support global trade, ethical trade, fair trade.  I don’t support all industries being farmed out to the lowest tax countries.  I bought a side grinder from Princess Auto.  It is a light industrial device.  Surely we can make these in Canada (or even the U.S. of A.), right?  No, it’s made in China.

Genesis angle grinder
Genesis angle grinder

Genesis 4.5'' angle grinder Princess Auto 20220417_112026.jpg
Genesis 4.5'' angle grinder Princess Auto 20220417_112116.jpg

People are squawking about how the price of the price of things, the environment, and, lately, how COVID-19 has made everything scarce.  Why not make the damn thing here?  Save on transportation pollution, create jobs for local people, have a sense of pride in our industries.  Princess Auto is a Canadian company.

So that’s why I’m posting this.

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