rat’s nest comm box

In investigating the crawl space under the house, F and I stopped to talk about the rat’s nest of wires and disused electrical junk that is (or was) our communications box.  Is this not the sloppiest bit of work you’ve seen?

The original outfit that wired up the phone systems in PBE has long since disappeared.  This is a rare instance where Telus (formerly Alberta Government Telephones, or AGT) did not supply the wiring and connection boxes.  Now, Telus won’t touch it.  It’s an equal (dis)array of mess in the community centre where they all converge.

Now and then, Telus phoned to ask if we would like to switch from our ISP to their high-speed optical – and previously, their ADSL.  Every time a technician came out, he / she would just shake his head and stood there speechless.

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