the heat continues

The air has been smoky here in Southern Alberta for several days of the past few weeks, results of fires burning across BC and so many other places.  Even indoors, my eyes have been itchy many days.

Is this a consequence of an ongoing policy to continually try to put out fires as they begin?  Look at Yellowstone in the USA back in 1988 – a creation of explosive collection of tinder, a potential inferno in the making.  Is this what’s happening now in BC – indeed, in all of North America?  NAs are the heaviest consumers of fossil fuels, and now we have the most numerous, largest, and most devastating fires around the globe.  Interesting, eh?

This seems on the surface to be an obvious cause, but it’s the global rise in “greenhouse gasses” that is the largest contributor.

Like gun control – people who are against it and want to protect their rights vs. pro-gun control people who want to protect society from guns.  Eventually, such as in Australia, enough people are killed that they collectively say they are done with guns.  Like the wold getting together to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which still linger and promote ozone holes in our stratosphere.  Like the disappearance, or at least reduction, of insects worldwide.  These are causes of potential catastrophic events that humans are too dang stupid to put together into a formula to save our planet and everything and everyone on it.

Weather is very cyclic.  Sunspots and other phenomena hit is in cycles – 12 years, isn’t it, for sun spots?  This changes the dynamics of wave skip in the HAM radio world.  We know they’re there.  But still only a contributor.

“Climate change”, “greenhouse effect”, what have you – this is all coming down the pipe.  Blame something else for part of it, sure, but the majority of it on its actual cause – us.

While I’m writing this, drag-racers are racing their noisy machines up and down the main commercial strip, which is quite close to my street.  My conversation to them would be, “What did you do yesterday evening?”  “I drove my truck.”  “You drove?”  “Yah, my truck.”  “Where?”  “Just around.”  “But … where’d you go?”  “Up the street, down the street, turned around, did it all over again.”  “You need a better hobby.”

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