another heat wave

A couple of weeks ago we had a heat wave for several days.  It reached 38°C and stayed there – without breeze, cloud, or shower of rain.  The cooler nights were barely cooler, adding to the present discomfort and that of the next over-heated day, too.  I find it very sad that more forest fires are burning than ever before, and hotter to boot.  Lytton, BC is 90% gone now due to a sweeping forest fire.  This week, beginning today, is said to be just as hot.  What do you do to take refuge from this dry deluge?  I stuff my feet in a plastic tub of cold water and read on the edge of the tub.  I go for bike rides and use the heat to my advantage, not bulking up with protective clothing.  The pounds / stone / kg that I put on during COVID is something to try to sweat off this year.  We keep the house windows closed all morning which adds to maintaining our cool (in the house).  Later in the evening, we might have 1~3 hours of A/C on.  Nice & cool, relatively.

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