first shovel

Usually the first use of a shovel is the breaking of ground for some special building or structure of some kind.  In this case, the first shovel of the season involved snow.

We had an extended summer until a week ago when things started getting chilly.  It is the official start of winter (that is, astronomical winter here in the northern hemisphere) on December 21, 2020.  But things certainly do look like winter now.

F has filled the bird feeder with sunflower seeds and put out the suet.  I shovelled the driveway this morning.  I have two tutoring sessions this weekend, a rare event these days, but everything is online, so I won’t be driving through the driving snow.

It apparently will get down to -20°C tomorrow (Sunday) night.  Then, in true southern Alberta fashion, it will get up to +3°C a couple of days later.  Welcome to Chinook country.

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