I bought new tires for the Chrysler Town & Country.  They’re not all season tires like before, like what we’ve all gotten used to.  If you look closely at your all season tires, you’ll notice they’re not rated for snow.  I now have all weather.  They have the little picture of a snowflake on the tire, designating them suitable as a snow tire.  I got them at Mo-Tires here in Lethbridge.

The guy I went to there (I forget his name) was a tech engineer who was in the beginning stages of developing and the first Apple computers, the first mainframe servers, the first networking systems, etc.  The last time I was there several months back making inquiries about my Kia Soul tires, we stood and talked for an hour about tires and computer engineering.  He was the first to tell me about the snow-rated all weather tires.  So I went back to there to buy my next set from him.

I took the running boards off the Chrysler.  I give E a ride to p twice a week.  He can’t get in and out of his Jeep, but he can mine – except that the running boards stick out several inches and make standing on the ground difficult when trying to get in and out.  So I took them off yesterday.  The iron that the moulding sits on was full of sand, gravel, and rust.  Poor design, I think, as there shouldn’t be a place for debris to collect.  Now that they are removed, I have to eventually replace them with trim.  Chrysler wants $150 each side.  Plus, they’re primed, and I have to have them painted to match the van.  Uhhh … no.  M auto wreckers doesn’t have any.  PAP has two Dodge Caravan vans – one black, one gold – but the guy doesn’t know what parts are on them.  I’ll skip it for now.  Does it look bad without the trim?


Cooler weather is upon us.  I’m sitting outside at 8:02am on the bench in front of the house.  It’s windy, 13°C, and not too pleasant to sit outside.  Floyd will want his garage back before the snow flies.  The teardrop trailer is in there now.  With all the things that had happened this summer, I couldn’t finish the teardrop trailer in time.

  • Kia Soul crash; sore, stiff, slow body; headaches; physiotherapy
  • looking for replacement vehicle (the Chrysler)
  • Father’s estate stuff
  • shorting through Father’s and Glenn’s boxes and boxes of stuff (most of which has sat in the garage)
  • hours and hours of job search

So the teardrop sits in the garage.  I have to ask the management if I can park it in the RV section.  I already have my Sprite trailer there, and they only allow one unit parked there at a time.  There must be a solution.  Get rid of the Sprite?  Rent a second spot?  It seems likely that I’ll continue the project in the spring.  <sigh of sadness>

This seems like a nice time to go to Starbucks and get a coffee.

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