Poly: containing an indefinite number more than one of a (specified) substance polysulfide
Merriam-Webster dictionary

It certainly does.  There are many things going on these days.

My little project, the teardrop trailer, contains all three of blood, sweat, & tears.  It also contains steel, wood, wood filler, glue, rubber, plastic, glass, and – the latest – oil-based and water-based polyurethane (a.k.a. Varathane).  I’m nearing completion.  I’d like to have it done in a few days, but I don’t know if that’s possible.  I think the hardest parts of this is 1. the multiple coats of polyurethane, 2. the galley hatch, and 3. the berth doors – the latter two because I’m waiting on parts.

I’m heading to BC to take care of Father’s estate stuff.  I want to be there by August first as that is when Laura begins her move.  Shortly after than, I’ll list the house for sale and find new homes for Father’s things in the the shop.  Can I take the teardrop trailer with me?  Not sure.  I might end up just getting a U-Haul trailer to bring back some things, but I’m hoping I don’t have to.  The skid-steer, for example – what will I do with that?  I don’t really want to load up a trailer to bring back.  But I really don’t want to pull the teardrop that far on its first voyage.

I want to do some camping along the way.  I haven’t been yet this year.  This will be the first camp experience with the new Chrysler van.  Should be fun.  Should the trailer not be ready, I’ll throw a tent in the back and take my time getting there.  I’ll probably leave Lethbridge Friday morning.

I have a new computer to replace the server.  It’s not ready yet.  I’m having trouble getting PHP to work on it.  Any suggestions?  This one uses IIS 10.  The current (old) server uses IIS 7.5.  They’re not entirely dissimilar but have some basic differences.  I won’t bore you with the gorry details.

I also need new glasses (can’t see up-close very well anymore) and a new phone (the camera crashes the phone), but I really don’t want to spend money!  Just as I was typing this, UPS delivered a part for the trailer.  I guess I have to get off the computer and start some actual work.  Cheers.

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