ASET breakfast soon

Morning is here.  I was awake at 5am and tried to sleep a little more but finally got up at 6am.  It’s now 7:15am, and we are to meet at 8am downstairs for breakfast.

T and C were supposed to take an taxi (Uber) to his family’s house to see a newborn baby and to give gifts.  However, plans have changed as there is a baby shower in the mix now, so they’re now staying for breakfast, and we’ll leave shortly after that for him to meet with his parents at the airport who will take the gift from him in his stead.

In the mean time, we (except S who left last night back to Red Deer to work this morning) will have breakfast and hobnob with more people.  Who knows – I might even meet others who would have job offers for me!  I’m excited, a little scared, and … getting hungry.  I guess I’ll pack up my stuff and get ready.  I’ll put on a tie for breakfast this morning as well.

Oh – a few more things – about the new van.  Not new, but new to me!  It’s a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country, red, 4.0-litre, and loaded to the hilt with luxury.  It has everything except rear DVD players, which I truly did not want anyway.  It seats 7 passengers and has 2nd and 3rd row Stow-N-Go seats; they fold into the floor to create a perfectly flat area.  I stowed the 3rd row seating for us to put all of our stuff in – suit bags, suitcases (or backpacks or duffle bags, in our case), and various other stuff.  It’s really a good thing I have this van instead of the Kia Soul.  I think we would never have fit all the stuff in and still be comfortable.

The day before, I wiped down with Windex the smooth surfaces of the van to get rid of the sticky Armor All coasting, the cigarette smell, and the smell of those sickeningly sweet smelling little scented pellets they put in there.  Near the end, I spread baking soda all over the carpeting, put a container of vinegar in it, and stuck a few dryer sheets in it to help with the smell.  This seemed to work.  More work has to be done though.

In the morning, I packed up the van and headed to the carwash.  I wanted to make a good impression with the new, used, smelly van.  I even Windexed the chrome a little.  When I picked up R yesterday morning and then T, I was a little in a hurry so as to not be late – unjustifiably, as we kind of lingered anyway while they packed their stuff in.  It was a good drive to Edmonton.  The van has a navigation screen, so I followed its and T’s directions.  During the drive, I looked at the fuel economy – 18.8 litres / 100km!  Ah!  I bought a lemon!  It sucks fuel back!  Tyson assured me that this was just an average and that that will change as we drive further on the highway.  I got it down to 8.9 litres per hundred (31.7 MPG).  Wow.  Much better.  And it has power to spare – and a cool sound when the engine takes off.  Haha.

Time to go down for breakfast.

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