the flow

I am reading a book called You Are a Badass.  It’s about having good intentions, good thoughts, good vibes, for lack of better explanation.  “The Universe will match whatever vibration you put out.  And you can’t fool the Universe.”

“Can I get a name?” Starbucks staff asks when I order an Americano.  “Allan.”  (Yes, you already knew that – but she didn’t.)  Why a name?  Because many people might order an Americano.  So the woman after me, after being asked her name, said, “No.”  …  Uh … “Okay, I’ll just leave it here for you.”  Is the world this concerned with privacy that she can’t leave a name?  Maybe she should say, “Esmeralda” or “Lapodopolis” or even “Steve” or “Jesus”.  Sorry, but I have no tolerance for people like that.

By the way – her coffee sat there and waited for her, exactly where the barista said it would be.  The woman was miffed.  <puff, pant, huff, snort, throat clearing, cough>  Good fracking hell.

I met a Canadian in Korea who refused to walk with the crowd.  “I’m going this way, not that way.  I don’t care if people are on this side of the sidewalk.”

I know – I used to be this person, a million years ago.

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