2nd interview at BCBE #2

I had my 2nd interview.  It was more a psych evaluation type of interview.  They are looking to see if I am a good fit for their company, how I think, what things drive me, what difficulties I would have.  Some questions:

What self-improvement have I done / am I going through?
“Self-improvement” can take many flavours.  For developing skills:  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  I forgot the names of some other books.  Architect? by Roger K. Lewis is a book sitting in front of me.  I’m also reading Creative Unblocking by Amanda Truscott.
Not related to skills and development: Anxiety and Avoidance by Michael A Tompkins.  This is more along the lines of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I got a little bored with it.  Lots of naval-gazing.

Who are my mentors?
I said I consider a couple of teammates in classes as mentors, despite being peers really.  I had a few instructors I considered mentors, including my Architectural instructor.
I should have mentioned the ASET Mentor, D.F.  I signed up for ASET’s Mentorship program, and D.F. is the mentor that ASET has set up.  Why didn’t I mention him?  I couldn’t recall his name.  Why not?  I was nervous.  Why nervous?  Lack of confidence in the field.  Why lack of confidence?  No experience, for starters, along with other various reasons people lack confidence.

Lots of questions about expanding myself – self-help, mentoring, continued learning, that sort of thing.  The interviewer was quite kind and pretty forgiving of my nervousness.

But, as I mentioned in the interview, if I were in front of a hundred people in the ESL world, I would stand with confidence, purpose, direction, even leadership.  But my confidence level is directly related to my ability in something.

The third interview, should I make it, would be a technical interview.

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