Fernie Chautauqua Fall Fair 2018

I’ve been back for a couple of days now.  I had a good time despite the weather.  Here are a few things I wrote along the way.

At Himalaya Spicy Something-Or-Other restaurant.  Great food, great service.  Having butter curry chicken.  So much food!  Getting fat.
I had some ideas for the teardrop trailer and, rather than forgetting, had to put them in.  I think lone people sitting at a computer is more commonplace here and now than before.

I went to a bagel shop this morning, suggested by Erinn, my Airbnb co-host. There were no tables available and about 10 people in line. I went to a Tim’s – about 15 people in line, all the way out the door. I went to a Korean sushi (?) place. The sign said “Open”. I went in and waiting for a few minutes. Nobody came. I left. I am now at Freshies, a coffee shop. I waited 10 minutes in line and 5 minutes for food and coffee. The order was wrong. I wanted a ham, cheese, & egg bagel. I got bacon. But it’s good!
Later I went to the library at the suggestion of a patron of Freshies.  “It’s a bit loud for you?”  Yah, not used to the crowds.  So I am at the library doing job searches, changing my resume, and working on the teardrop trailer.  I think I’ll try a four-foot wide design to see what happens.  Been meaning to put some designs online, but my server is losing connection sometimes.  Blast.

Bought a book, a card with a painting replica for Aizlynn, coffee, and food.  There was a walking tour, joined in half-way through.  Talked to a few people.  There are lots of Australians here for some reason.  Hot spot for working in tourism?  According to Mirey, my B&B host, the Canadian government actively recruits Australians.

Rain this morning.  I put my Dorongi rain coat & pants on today.  One food kiosk person asked about it, where I got it from.  “South Korea,” I said.  Weird answer.
Later, music & food & more music & people & coffee & more food.  Heading home today.  Nice stay.  I’ll be back.

Pictures here if you want to see.

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