teardrop trailer

I’ve been designing a teardrop trailer in Revit, SketchUp, and Inventor.  These are drafting / design software, two of which I studied at Lethbridge College.  I’m sticking to common sizes of stuff (4×8 plywood sheets, 1×2 boards, etc) and equipment used to build the Sprite trailer.  This is what I have so far.

I’ve thought about buying one (search), but they’re all pretty over-priced.  Plus, I want to use my own stuff (batteries, inverter, stereo, etc.), so is pretty much has to be a custom build to fit it all in.  I’ve included …

Uh-oh.  I just realized my microwave is missing.  And my inverter is made of wood (!).  I included plastic drawers before to decrease weight, but now I think the ugly factor would be just too much.  More work to do in all this.

The berth area is a bit more than 6 feet long and 4 feet wide.  Yes, you can order 48″ sheets specially made for RV beds.

You might be thinking, “water heater?  Really?”  It’s the smallest on-demand propane-fired water heater that Marey makes.  I used it in the Sprite for the sink and shower, and it works really well.

The inverter is a bit overkill; it’s 3500-Watts.  It was on sale a few years ago.  I might swap it out for a 1500-Watt inverter / charger.  It would automatically switch outlets from inverted DC to AC when plugged in and vice versa.  The charger I have now has the loudest fan I have ever heard.  There’s no way I’d use it in a camper setting again.  The batteries would probably sit on outboard shelves behind the wheels.

I built the Sprite with no knowlede of cabinetry, and now I see the folly of my ways.  I have to spend more time with designing cabinets or switch back to plastic drawers again.

The work continues!  Even if it will never be built, it’s practise for me in building Families in Revit.

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