I went to ISL Engineering today and saw a manager.  They do roadways (urban & rural), bridges (eight different bridge sites in Lethbridge alone), city water infrastructures (fresh, waste, storm), landscape architecture, and any structure that connects people and place in which we live.

In working with immigrants to Lethbridge in the EFW program at Flex, we’ve done resumes, interviews, workplace scenarios, you name it.  I have an interview outside the ESL world, and I’m a fish out of water.  I wish I had more experience in the engineering world.  Being right out of college without experience and without a background in engineering, I feel pretty lacking!  Well, duh – that’s because I am.  I can continue to practise class assignments.  That is my experience so far.

After doing research in four major engineering firms in Lethbridge, ISL seems to be a company with a good reputation for someone new, for cooperation and collaboration, and for advancement.  I said in my impromptu interview that office politic plays a role in many offices but that in a collaborative, cooperative workplace, lots can get done.

The interviewer mentioned a Civil Design & Drafting student – Greg Thompson.  I do know a Greg, a Native guy.  Is this the same one?  Don’t know.

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