interview at SA, Revit

I have an interview at a local architectural company!  This should happen Friday sometime if all goes well.  TB‘s been there part-time for a few weeks now.  I guess he’s found something else in the mean time.  The company?  I’ll call it SA for now.  I’ll tell you later if all goes well.  For what position?  Glad you asked.  It’ll involve using Revit, architectural drawing software from Autodesk, that seems to be replacing CAD (like AutoCAD) in the industry.  The company has been using CAD for all of its drawings and need someone knowledgeable in Revit to switch over and teach them how it’s used.

The main tasks I’m trying to master now with Revit is a) linework (various line types and thicknesses with various symbols and / or letters) and b) editing families (editing and / or creating from scratch objects useful in creating drawings, like window frames, custom stairways, paving bricks that actually look correct, etc.).  It’s not something they covered to much in class as it’s sort of an advanced level thing.  But, to create accurate drawings, it must be learned, practised, & mastered.

When I say “drawings”, usually the first thing that comes to mind for most people is hand-drawn pictures of buildings.  No, this is a sketch.  ‘Drawings‘  are more the technical specifications side of things.  Have a look.  All the red marks?  Instructor’s marks.  All the green?  Me doing my homework.  My goal is to do all corrections the instructor(s) supplied me with.  After all, I paid for these red marks!

I had it in mind that I’d try to complete as much as I could in these corrections before going out and meeting architectural people (except for Joe Matthew, that is) so as to have some sort of nice looking portfolio.  But this opportunity with SA came up!  Very cool!  So I’ll keep you posted about this.

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