I found a few new shows on Netflix now that I figured out how to change the settings on it.

Funny how four out of five are sci-fi.

I contacted Netflix a few weeks ago and told them I resented having to see people standing in their front yard with blood gushing out of their faces after having eaten another person, all the way smiling.  Gross.  I told them I didn’t want that in my house, in my living room.  No, Netflix doesn’t actually do a good job selecting for me what it thinks I might like – obviously a terrible job.  Fix it!  A couple of weeks later, the menus change, and now there’s thumbs up or thumbs down without having to actually view it or intentionally search for it just to have a thumbs-up or -down button.  Finally some control to get that crap off my screen.

I’m not into zombies, or blood, or walking dead, or whatever they can pull out of the dark turd pots of their minds.  When will this finally disappear?  Zombies???  What, are you five?  I’ve seen enough in real life, thank you.  Not interested.

I also subscribe to Curiosity Stream, a documentary website.  Now that’s leisure time well spent.

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