hamburger half-full

42/50 on our Architecture assignment.  8 wrong?  No, 42 right.

Hamburger night.  Still daylight.  Kind of nice seeing daylight at 6:30pm.  🙂  We had a hamburger each, and suddenly one of us remembered the tomato & lettuce.  So much better with fresh tomatoe & lettuce!  The vegetables were cooked right when were were done our burgers – perfect timing.  Couldn’t eat another bite.  Leftovers for tomorrow!


Hamburger night.  Damn Daylight Savings Time … don’t make no sense.  We had a hamburger each but forgot to put the lettuce & tomato on until the last minute.  “Don’t bother … it’s okay.”  “Well I’m already up.”  The vegetables weren’t cooked in time, but we ate them anyway.  I got full.  I guess it’s leftovers tomorrow.

Admit success when it happens or you’ll end up a “hamburger half-empty” person.

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