puncture resistant tube, cycle in dry coulees

I got on my Giant bike this morning to cycle up a sweat only to find it anaeris.  I patched the rear tire yesterday but apparently missed a small hole.  Canadian Tire sells a puncture resistant tire tube, so I bought one.  It’s quite heavy, but with all the add-on stuff, the bike’s heavy anyway.  Better to be heavy than weak.  That’s why I have a full mountain bike, not a hybrid.

To test out my new tire, I went for a ride in the coulees.  Wow – very dry, hard, dusty ground out there.


cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190303 panorama.jpg
cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190321 Allan.jpg
cycle in dry coulees 20170901_190334 Giant bike.jpg

Lot of fun.  The tire survived.

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